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Shop Review : Graine de Moutarde

If you’ve researched to collect money for your non-profit, you know how hard it can be. It is indeed very hard to find a reliable shop that’s not already a reseller.

But today, as I was searching a new shop to buy fundraising products for my local church, and I landed on Graine de Moutarde.

Graine de Moutarde is a french religious products shop, specifically designed for religious fundraising. They sell jewellery products, small furniture and decoration products to feed your faith daily. These religious products are made for fundraising, but always with the idea to transmit God’s message behind.

I must say that their products are very attractive by their design and their prices. They are indeed originally designed with Christian symbols (stars, angels, dove…) or bible quotes over them.

Graine de Moutarde supports Christian schools, monasteries, sacred places, parishes, scouts, and all Christian non-profits. Graine de Moutarde provides fundraising products that non-profits can sell in order to raise money for their projects.

Cost samples

Here are some examples of prices :

Wooden rosary : 3 euros

Pen : 0,58 euros

Bracelet : 0.27 euros

It’s well worth the prices and you can at least sell them for 3 or 4 times the cost. This is honestly a steal for the quality.

My Recommendation

I cannot recommend this shop enough… It’s fantastic for fundraising or collecting money for your local church or your own non-profit, and you cant undoubtedly well made products that your supporters will really like and not just “buy to support you”.

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