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Robb and Jacqui Dunham's
"SuperKidz Sing with a HEART OF WORSHIP!"

A Worship Experience For Families & Children on CD

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SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship front cover

      • Have you been desiring to see children fully worshipping God?
      • Do you enjoy leading children into the Presence of God?
      • Whole-hearted praise and worship music sung by precious little children -
        is there anything more beautiful and stirring?

      Designed with this vision, "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" has elements of fast praise, some spiritual warfare, and deep worship. Sung by little children!

      LEADERS, TEACHERS, PARENTS - With both vocal tracks and instrumental tracks, it is perfect for you to teach the songs to your children, and for performance!

"As always, it's terrific! You guys are doing an awesome job, and the quality is outstanding. It competes with anything in the market place, and you are accomplishing your goal of being fresh and far above the (kiddie music) mentality. Applause!!!"
Becky Fischer - Kids In Ministry, Bismarck, ND.
Becky Fischer's website

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Are you ready to worship the HEART OF GOD?!

"SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" MP3 30-60 second samples!

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Plus a BONUS! Free CD-Extra SuperKidz Ministries Presentation in PowerPoint for Windows!

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  • "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" CD
    Only $10.95! (Normally $12.95 - $15.95)


  • Purchase "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" AND "SuperKidz Sing History Maker" for only $18.95! (Normally $25.90 - $31.90)
  • Purchase 2 "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" CDs for only $18.95! (Normally $25.90-$31.90)


  • Purchase a "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" WORSHIP KIT for only $24.50!
    Kit includes Music CD, Lyrics in full color PowerPoint, and Actions/Motions Sheets for several of the songs. Click here for Worship Kit Description.
  • BIG COMBO, best deal: Purchase 1 "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" WORSHIP KIT, and 1 "SuperKidz Sing History Maker" WORSHIP KIT combo for only $39.95! (Normally $56.90)
    Worship Kit contents as above.
  • "SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship" PowerPoint Lyrics and Actions/Motions sheets only - NO MUSIC CD - $15.50

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"SuperKidz Sing with a Heart of Worship"
Bringing excitement and spiritual challenge
to the hearts and lives of families & children!

  • 16 worship tracks designed to bless the heart of God!
  • Worship songs, sung by His most precious creation - little children.
  • Vocals with Instrument Tracks & Instruments Only Tracks. Lyrics included.
  • The vision for this music project is not to be a teaching lesson, nor to entertain,
      but to draw each of us into the presence of God.

  • Parents and children's leaders can use it to lead children into a true worship experience.
  • Children will be blessed as they connect with our living Lord.

    WORSHIP KITS include LYRICS in beautiful, full color POWER POINT for all the songs!
    And Praise MOTIONS & ACTIONS SHEETS for many of the songs!

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